Jeannot Keser (born 30-12-1996) is a multidisciplinary designer with a love for urban culture. He’s a recent New Design and Attitudes graduate from St Joost School of Art and Design, and graduated as a Media and Event-manager from Sintlucas Eindhoven in 2017.

As a designer, human interaction has always been the biggest fascination for Jeannot. The way people communicate, the way they talk and the attitudes and personalities they can take on and create. Simply everything that makes identity, personality and culture. So as a designer with a multidisciplinary set of skills, he wants to take part in the shifting cultures and sub-cultures that the 21 century bring. To be able to facilitate people space and time to find the person they feel comfortable being is nothing short of a wonder. So Jeannot has made it his goal for over the past few years to do just that. In 2018 Jeannot took on a design study to further broaden his skill set in research and to find his own unique creative voice. Apart for his academic work he is busy in the cultural landscape of his beloved city Eindhoven to inspire and connect the youth to each other and to itself.

He is currently living in his hometown Eindhoven, where he was born and raised.


2018 – 2022
St Joost – School of arts & Design
New Design and Attitudes

2020 – 2021
St Joost – School of arts & Design
Minor Arts and Interaction

2013 – 2017
Sintlucas Eindhoven
Media & Eventmanagement


2020 – present
Studio Jeannot

2021 – present
Co-founder, art director

2019 – present
Co-founder, photographer

2021 – 2022

2017 – 2019
External All Round Topper

2015 – 2016
Reshift Digital (Power Unlimited, Gamer.nl, Insidegamer)
Design & Video Content intern

Side Hustles:

2021 – present

2021 – present
Co-founder, art director, discjockey

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