Jeannot Keser is a graduated Media and Event-manager, and currently studying graphic and spatial design at AKV | Sintjoost (Den Bosch). Ever since he was a young, he has always been a very social and outgoing person. This mixed with a wide spread of interest made him the person he is today, complete with his own unique creative voice. Always on his feet, creating something new or getting himself into all sorts of challenges and trouble. These characteristics have also resulted in the wide range of work he has done and projects he has taken a part in. Comfortable in a managing role, but just as comfortable in a "roll up the sleeves" project. His "Why not?" attitude is a fresh way of looking at, and starting things.

On the first of Januari 2018 he created his new discjockey persona "LINQ" after having performed under another persona for a while.

Living in his hometown Eindhoven, where he was born on 30 december 1996.

Worked with and for:
Statement Agency, Bold45, Boolin, DADA, NTR Dokter Corrie, Reshift Digital, Power unlimited, Gamer.nl, Insidegamer, Beerze Brewery, Bar Bistro Calypso, HUTSPOT, RGB Silent Disco, Toppers In Concept, Biki90, MOZEM, (W)EGO hotel, Monk Bouldergym, Trimmings, Direct Result.

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