Barre Tijden

A work about the value of conversation and connection. During the Covid-19 pandemic people were urged to keep their social circle as small as possible and all public facilities had to close down. Which meant people only saw their closest friends or relatives, and got very dependent on these people. This project looked at mental issues that a pandemic can cause, and the way people deal with these issues. Where do you go to when the people in your inner circle are the problem, or when they are not open to conversation or aren’t able to help in any way.

For many people there was one way out, the church or mosque. Because religious events were allowed to proceed during the pandemic and lockdowns. However nowadays you could almost call the barkeep or barber the priest of the 21 century. And the barstool and bar the confession-booth. So bending the rules and creating a free one person mental health bar, that is placed in the public domain, makes it legal to air out your problems to an anonymous barman once again.