Big Bird is watching

Big Bird is watching, a project about the simple adjustments an individual can make to the public space to influence human behaviour in traffic, while still making it seem the idea of not braking the law would come from the drivers themselves.

The final idea was derived of the panopticon prison concept. In a panopticon prison, there is a large rond space with cell’s all along the outer wall. In the middle of the big prison dome there is a guard tower. This tower has a 360 degrees view on all prison doors. However the tiny windows in the door prevent the prisoners to properly see the guard post in this tower. So at any time, the guard could be looking at their door. And the fear of being watched becomes bigger than the chance the guard is actually watching.

Big Bird is Watching is an open source document to build your own birdhouse in the shape and colours of a speed of traffic control camera. Since it’s illegal to point a camera at something other than your house, tis is a perfect workaround. Hanging a birdhouse is legal in most cases. So make your own, and hang it! You’ll see people doubt it’s legitimacy, and then deciding it is not worth the risk. Problem solved.