Boolin’ is an Eindhoven based event collective that is mainly hiphop oriented. As a co-founder, Jeannot had been involved in the concepting and creation of these events. The role he took was mainly one of photography and decor. Below are some photographic projects Jeannot did.

Boolin’ x Teams Up – Photography

For the T-shirt Boolin’ released together with clothing label Teams-Up, Jeannot did the photography. The shirts have a pattern reminiscent of the one the Eindhoven football team PSV has. Red white stripes. So the pictures feature urban theme’s as well as the PSV Eindhoven stadium in the background. To lean into the idea the PSV shirt was an inspiration, whilst immediately let everyone know Boolin’ is Eindhoven based.

Boolin’ edition 3 – photography

With the third edition of Boolin’ they decided to do the event-photography in house so Jeannot did it. The concept was to recreate the gritty vibe of the evening in the pictures. And show the ambiance of the evening to broadcast what Boolin’ is all about to the outside world.