Cultural Nomads – 2032

Jeannot’s graduation project questioned the future of the cultural landscape of his beloved city of Eindhoven. Seeing a decline in locations with a cultural purpose, and a rise in expenses for starting cultural entrepreneurs and artist. Squatting and anti-squat precautions used to make plenty of space for cheap cultural spaces. But squatting is now illegal, and the old squatted places are now some of the biggest cultural venue’s in our country. They now represent the pride the Netherlands has over it’s cultural diversity. But since these places have outgrown the starting artist a gap was created. For no new squatted places could arise. Unless you’d squad the public domain, and found a loophole within the rules of the municipality which allowed for free exhibitions within the public space. As long as it is moving, and powered by foot, you’re free to do as you please.

Imagine a future where the funding for cultural practices has stopped. It’s 2032 and years of capitalistic governing labelled cultural activities as left wing hobby’s and cultural institutions as a bottomless, money wasting pit. Big grey office buildings make the scene for lifeless cities. Artists display their work on mobile exhibitions, custom made to suit the artist needs.


"Cultural nomads, bound to roam the public domain. Looking to challenge, engage, question. Looking for an income."