Debuut, a Party with its own unique style and catch. Seeing a lack of diversity and opportunity in the nightlife of Eindhoven, Jeannot and Luuk Grootes created Debuut. During a brainstorm about the shape form and identity of this event they came up with a unique concept. Being that the first dj of the evening usually performs in front of an empty club. In Eindhoven there is this culture of coming fashionably late to every party. So their idea was to ask someone who never dj’d a day in his life, and most likely never will again. This way there is someone playing who sees the fun of being a dj for a night and play anything he wants. Plus they get to bring their friends for free, provided they’re there for his or her “dj-set”. This way the venue gets a fun, and accessible head start.


For the design, Debuut needed a clean, playful and cheerful identity. Positivity, play and fun should be the first thing that pops into your mind. And since there are people performing who’ve never did something of that sort, accessibility and joy are key to give the impression that it all doesn’t really matter. Trying is the new winning!
Debuut has had three successful editions, at different venue’s like De Burger Eindhoven, Kelderman en van Noort, The Pool Sectie-C. For this concept Jeannot did the graphic identity, concepting, programming, management and decoration.
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