Happening Now & Again

Happening Now & Again prints made for Festival Cement in Den Bosch. Festival Cement is an annual theatre festival open for all ages. The concept of the poster backdrop was to create urgency with background symbols made of duct tape, markers and graffiti. The lettering is done by taking old & new methods to symbolise the ages the festival wants to market to. So the “Happening” is done digitally, to show the middle age demographic. The “NOW” is done with an old letterpress to symbolise the older festival guests. And the “& again” is done freehand with paint and a rough brush, this symbolises the young playfulness and innocence of the children coming to the festival. The printing technique used is riso print. This gave it the flashy colours, whilst also giving it a modern touch. Since riso print never truly dries it gives a sense of urgency to go now. The plays that are shown this year at the festival, are once in a lifetime experiences. That also are slightly different on every performance, and also never truly dry.