Vintage Vetements Promotional Sign

Vintage Vetements is since it’s opening in 2019 a huge name in the vintage clothing scene of Eindhoven. And when they moved to the heart of Strijp-S they completely revamped their style. At the same time Jeannot started doing some spatial projects together with Daan Sonnemans. And they were asked to make an outside promotional piece for Vintage Vetements. Designed by Jeannot in co√∂peration with Vintage Vetements and executed by Jeannot and Daan they created this customisable advertisement board. Made to hang clothes on in good weather or plants on rainy days. Now during covid-19 it features a hanging sign for private shopping as per the Covid regulations of the government. The design has a playground feel that features turnable letters to embrace the playful image the store itself has as well. It had remote controlled lights and is easy to pick up for transport. Made from aluminium with beautiful, durable okoume wood it is completely resistant to all weather conditions.